Hello! (don’t pronounce the H)

My name is Veronique, I am a French mum of two boys, and we live in London together with my husband.

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Before I had kids, I used to work as a consultant for pollution prevention. My plan was to help the planet, save the world from the bad pollution, that kind of important stuff. I was not extremely successful, and to be honest I didn’t like much the whole concept of having a boss, projects, deadlines, having to look serious, etc, so I decided to… No, just kidding, I didn’t decide about anything. I just got pregnant. I thought it was the coolest and most rebellious thing ever (I was only 26, imagine how rebellious it was, when all my friends were just starting their careers or finishing their PhDs). I even planned for a homebirth! The most spiritual choice, obviously… Though to be honest, the birth was not as orgasmic as I had planned it to be.

After my first son was born, there was no way I could go back to “normal” employment. So I switched from not enjoying having regular working hours, bosses and salary, etc, to… creating my own little baby boss, hectic hours (days, nights, anyone?), and no salary. But money isn’t spiritual anyway, is it?

At some point I thought I should make something out of my guilt, shame, boredom, mental and physical exhaustion… However, I was not supposed to complain. That’s when I figured out that opening a very spiritual blog, to spread my wisdom, was the best option I had to somehow save my sanity.

I opened a blog in French (Maman Très Spirituelle), with articles and videos about how to be a good parent. Only very useful and very spiritual advice out there. One day I decided I should start to translate some of my very useful and very spiritual content in English. This is how Very Spiritual Mum was created, few months (years?) of procrastination later. Let’s see if my content is as very useful in English as it proved to not really be in French.

I also self-published a first book in French, a very spiritual novel, Parfois l’Ange se tait.

Finally, I can say that motherhood allowed me to embrace my true self: an artist. Lol.

The funny thing is that the acronym of this blog, VSM, is the same as my initials. So I think this totally is a spiritual sign that I am following my life purpose.

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